You are welcome to celebrate the recreational value of the landscape and the flora and fauna Uganda’s largest National Park this being the heritage the Acholi tribe endowed, in perpetuity, for the preservation and conservation of wildlife for the benefit of humanity and future generations – wildlife tourism.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the Acholi traditional hospitality and to see, feel, hear, smell and taste the Acoli culture – cultural tourism.

The economic and long term development benefit of your visit to the Acoli community who supplied the building materials which the local artisans and craftsmen used during construction. The Heritage Safari Lodge is owned and managed by William Olwoch-Lalobo – a dedicated, hardworking and proud Acoli investor and entrepreneur. He is an energetic and engaging personality, standing at six feet – sustainable development tourism.


Exquisite accommodation overlooking River Nile

Heritage Safari Lodge is located 370km from the capital city of Uganda, Kampala, 270km on Kampala – Gulu highway and 100km on the Karuma – Arua road. The lodge is also located on the great North-South elephant corridor that brought the Luo ethnic group, the missionaries and the early explorers in their quest for the source of the Nile and it’s also located at Wang lee, the point where the two feuding Luo legendary brothers, Gipir and Labongo separated to form the two tribes of the present day Alur to the west of the Nile and the Acholi to the east and a third brother Kumarac proceeded south to form the Luo Babito.

The location was carefully selected to be within 5 minutes – drive from Murchison Falls National Park, the largest national park in Uganda that gives ample opportunity for easy access to early morning and afternoon game viewing at the time providing the opportunity to allow for tourists to get back for lunch and have some rest.

The bandas provide uninterrupted view of the Albert Nile and the surrounding green meadow of rolling savannah, where schools of hippopotamus and herds of elephants can be viewed as you enjoy a sundowner. The open plan lounges are ideally suited for drinks, gourmet cuisine, evening interaction and the staging of traditional dance gala.


Have breakfast by the Nile

There are rarely places as special as the occasion itself. Whether a milestone, birthday, anniversary, company retreat or just a time to get away with friends and family, Heritage safari lodge is the perfect setting. With exclusive use, you have all the privacy, exclusivity and flexibility that you desire. Your stay will be uniquely tailored; perhaps cocktails at sunset followed by tribal dances around a campfire or a safari themed child’s birthday party…Whatever your preference, the Heritage team will ensure an unforgettable African safari experience.

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