Do not cry for me Do not weep for me
I am not far away I am next door.
I am just a breath away I am just a heart-beat away
I live on I am active

I am the memory of the good times we shared together
I am the word that informs
I am the mind that generate ideas
I am the light that vanquishes the darkness
I am the rain that gives life
I am the sun full of everlasting energy

I am, above all, the water of the Nile that gives life to everything in the river, the bank and the hinterland

I am the riverside butterfly, the colourful flying flower that propagates the flora

I am the riverbank tree that sprouts again and again whenever broken by the elephant and burnt by fire

I am water thick knee, the beautiful bird that shares the sandbank with the deceptive, tear-shedding, and man-eating, Nile crocodile, but what a name

I am the lion, the king of the jungle that roars across rivers, plains and over hills

I am the water in the Sudd in South Sudan with the mixed blessing, stagnant, evaporating, and broken into channels that impedes navigation but supports wildlife, birds, fish, livestock and humans

I am the magic in the Nile water that flows stately and majestically to quench the thirst of the desert and feed Sudan and Egypt

I am the streams, rivers and lakes with cool and crystal clear water that drains into and feeds the mighty Nile River, and that gave the name White to the Nile

I am the memory that lives on in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, the land of forests, green valleys, rolling hills and plains, clever and friendly people

I am Wang Kac, the open gate to the Acholi tribe’s traditional homestead; standing ready to welcome all visitors who have the soft heart and peaceful mind

Remember me Remember the good times together
I live on I am active
I am the oxygen of life I am blood circulating the oxygen
I am close to you I am not far away from you
Do not cry for me Do not weep for me

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