The majestic river Nile never lies still
At the Eye of God
The over one hundred metre wide river contracts severely
The entire volume of water forced through
Six metre rock gap
Before dropping thirty metres spectacularly
At the world famous Murchison Falls
That creates a permanent rainbow

The Falls
The Acoli tribe call
Wang Jok
The “Eye of God”
The “Place of God”
The “Manifestation of God”
Was named Murchison Falls in 1864
By the explorer Sir Samuel Baker
In honour of Sir Roderick Murchison
The President of the Royal Geographical Society

Wang Jok
Epitomises the Acoli tribe’s concept of God
The almighty and all powerful
Dispensing the good and bad “i wi lobo” – on earth
The colliding good (ie. good harvest) and bad (ie. locust)
Defines the state of “wi lobo” at that moment
The balance tilted favourably by
Respect and appeasement of God
Through shrine sacrifice

Wang Jok
The place of perpetual collision and contrast
Lies perpendicularly below the flat rock formation
Nature’s perfect observatory
For viewing one of nature’s greatest spectacle
Where nature’s elements
The liquid component collide with the solid element
In the gorge below

At Wang Jok
The bolt and finale is the triumph of gravity
A roaring ferocity of high volume of water
Force funnelled into a rugged six metre rock gap
Then leaping thirty metres perpendicularly down
The collision of water and rugged rock
Yielding snow white tumbling water and spray
Contrasting beautifully and spectacularly
With the dark cliffs walling the river
Perpetual rainbow abound

Upstream of Wang Jok
Karuma Falls has a character of its own
It is a unique spectacle of rushing water, rocks and trees
So impossible to imagine from the roaring sound
Heard hundreds of metres away from the river bank
The underlying rock formation
Converts the gentle flowing Nile water
Into a broad sheet of rushing torrent
With recurring sequence of cascades and rapids
Emerging from the churning and agitated bowel of the river
With imposing presence, is a succession of rock islands
Bearing trees with twinned roots hugging the rocks
As if in stubborn defiance of the force of the rushing water
That is more than capable of dislodging the anchorage
Of the roots of these remarkable “water on rock” trees
Nature’s rehearsal before Wang Jok
Is an eye catching spectacle by right

The character of Karuma Falls
Is an attractive natural construct of its own
In athletic terms the rapids and cascade
Can be regarded as the warm up track
For the bolt and finale at the Wang Jok
Both falls are related by virtue of the water that flow
Over the same underlying rock formation of the southern rift
This makes Karuma Falls the “brother falls” feeding
The much bigger fall at Wang Jok
Rather like John the Baptist foretelling
The coming of Christ – the Saviour
Alternatively Karuma Falls could be regarded as a spectacle of its own
Asserting its own status and character against the bigger Wang Jok
In a David/ Goliath like fluvial power contest

Karuma Falls Wildlife
The abundant flora of acacia thorn trees support
Troops of giraffe seen reaching 6 metres high up for tender shoots
Not to be outdone, the handsome black-and-white Colobus
Monkeys never want to descend from the trees on the riverbank
Instead seems to feel energised to leap several feet
From tree to tree, limbs out-stretched and mantle flowing
The common baboon appear to have lost fear of the human
Screeching breaks of the cars attract and call them
The mother-baboon arrive with the her youngster
Riding-jockey like on her back
To the road side to share banana with the traveller
And secure the half-finished sandwich from the tourist

Wang Jok
Beyond the swell
Gives way down stream to a smooth fast flowing sheet of water
That breeds and support fish including the almighty Nile perch
Crocodiles bask on the river bank
Then waddle and slither into the flowing water
Hippopotamus keep cool partially submerged in shallow lagoon
In “Paraa” – the place (pa) of the hippos (raa)
Insect and bee-eating birds nest on the cliff face
The kingfisher hovers and dive bombs the shoal
Fish eagles fly overhead with the keen eyes for scanning the river below
The remarkable Hagerdash Ibis flies over and across the river
Recognisable by its cry Ha-da-da Ha-da-da
Now abound the river’s biological life previously pounded out
At Wang Jok

Wang Jok’s Travellers
The spectacle and mystery of Wang Jok
Continue to attract and fascinate travellers and tourists alike
The water used to partially separate through an underground tunnel
Before dropping spectacularly thirty metres at the Falls
One day, overnight the overlying rock and the tunnel
Disappeared without trace or residue
Winston Churchill visited Wang Jok in 1907
He looked at the 6 metre gap in the rock and quipped
“Ten pounds would throw a bridge across the Nile at this point”
Indeed a foot bridge was constructed over and across the gap in 1960
In the deluge of the following rainy season it was un-ceremonially washed away
In reference to the flora and fauna of the Murchison Falls Park
Churchill wrote in My African Journey
“One has to remember that here Kew Gardens
and the London Zoo combined on an unlimited scale”
Welcome to the mystery and high catching spectacle
And the flora and fauna of Wang Jok