Robbed of happiness and quietude
In the beautiful den of concrete skyscrapers
That vainly kisses the sky
The metallic box that burns rubber
And gurgles fuel on the autobahn, motorway and freeway
No longer thrills me
The bowel of the standing-room only commuter train
Is forever suffocating and oppressive
All are my multiple homes held in common
That I must escape from blissfully

My destination was Uganda
The tropical paradise nesting on the equator
The land gifted with green valleys, rolling hills, plains and misty forests
Rivers and lakes with crystal clear water criss-cross and dot the landscape
And the snow-capped Mountain of the Moon
Leaps out of the earth on its western border
Described as the “Pearl of Africa” by Churchill in 1907
The profusion of flora and fauna- birds, insects, reptiles and mammals
Are fused by nature on a vast scale astride the almighty Nile
At the renown Murchison Falls National Park

My journey’s end was the riverside Heritage Safari Lodge on-the-Nile
Lake Victoria, the source of the Nile was discovered
In 1862 by John Hanning Speke that forever marks
The Nile’s northward 4,230 miles journey to the Mediterranean Sea
The magic of the Nile is the moving water
Compressed, and squeezed then spectacularly dropping over 30 metres
At Murchison Falls, named by explorer Sir Samuel Baker in 1864
In honour of the President of the Royal Geographical Society
Downstream the Nile water settles into a fast flowing sheet of water
That majestically flows past my holiday home
The Heritage Safari Lodge located on the Nile’s northern bank
Just before the Nile enters Lake Albert, named after Prince Regent
In 1864 by Sir Samuel Baker in his Uganda travels

I came to Heritage Safari Lodge
For the riverside experience
To cool, unwind and soften my heart, for I had no companion
Then awoken by singing birds in the jungle
The orange glow and warmth of the morning sun
Lifted my spirit to saviour the glory of the floating flowers
In the festival of colourful butterflies
That flies over the lawn and the surrounding meadow

The perfect holiday Banda
The round hut theme
The perfect fusion of tradition and modernity
With distinctive regular step thatching
And the open converging pole ceiling
Is the dream safari lodge
In the calm serenity of the Nile’s riverside
That welcomed me to my holiday home
At Heritage Safari Lodge

The low energy Banda
With wide airy bay window
Is the ideal place for viewing nature’s gift
With the almighty Nile flowing graciously by
Bearing floating islands of plumed papyrus reed
Majestically carrying wading birds
Enjoying a meal of fish
Along comes the colourful care-free bird
The Lily Trotters that move daintily
Over and across beds of Nile cabbages and water lilies
Then riveted to see grossly over-sized sandals floating in the Nile
Surprise!! Surprise! Horrifically pleasant
The detail revealed the ears, eyes and the nose
Of the almost fully submerged hippopotamus
Playfully blowing gaseous water jet up in the air
Before the dive in to depth of the Nile
Trying to keep cool just like me

On the riverside meadow
The lush green and salt lick
At Kamshiko, the low flow hot spring
Uplifts daily the herd of 8 elephants
Birds perch on the bull elephant’s back
Accompanying egrets march along in comfort
Notwithstanding the great feet in their midst
I need no friend, no lover, nature so well preserved
At Murchison Falls National Park
Now my dreams no longer spin tales of fantasy
I came to unwind, cool, and rejuvenate
At Heritage Safari Lodge
The perfect holiday home on the Nile’s riverside