Amongst the three “Cats”
The lion is regarded as the majestic king of the jungle
The leopard is known as solitary, cunningly shrewd and ferocious
The cheetah is acclaimed as graceful and elegant

Master in appearance
The cheetah’s pelage is unique with high gain
Coats of both the cheetah and leopard are not plain
Rosette is the leopard’s domain
Solid spots is cheetah’s embellishment in the main
Coalescing into solid rings that the tail contain
The belly is spotlessly white and plain
The singular tear-drop marks on either cheek raises no Cain

Master in acceleration
At 70 mph the cheetah is the fastest animal on the planet
The acceleration out-sprints many well engineered products
The body is sleek and lean with long legs for speed
The large nostrils evolved to allow maximum oxygen intake
Circulated efficiently by large heart, lungs and arteries
To fuel specialised muscles that work harmoniously and simultaneously

Master in speed and balance
As muscles contract and relax sequentially and repeatedly
The flexible spine with spring-like action
Further extends the leg movement
And enables the cheetah to gain speed
At the same time make sharp mid-air turns
The muscular tail serves as the rudder and stabiliser
To counteract the cheetah’s weight
And prevents rolling over during the sharp turns
The semi-retractable claws and the sold paws provide grip and traction
The high speed chase is awesomely breath-taking and spectacular

Master in hunting
The hunting technique relies on sight not scent
The large high-set and forward facing eyes
Enable maximum binocular vision
Best suited for day light hunting
Unlike the nocturnal and crepuscular leopard
Stealth stalking to get as close as possible complements
The short bursts of speed and acceleration to out-sprint the prey
Rabbit, gazelle, springbok, impala or warthog are common preys
First tripped then bitten in the throat in a strangulation hold
The base hunting technique is speed and acceleration
The kill rate is approximately 50%
The highest kill rate for a solo predator hunter

Master diner
The open country and grassland is a crowded and contested biome
Where chilling-out for any animal is never straightforward
In the cheetah’s open-air restaurant
Dinning is a nervy and quickie undertaking
Eyes must be put on roving mode to spot scavengers
Lion, leopard, packs of hyena and jackals approach on the ground
From the air vultures with ground scanning eyes home in too
With cheetah’s well known non-aggressive disposition
The surrender of its culinary goods is often total when challenged
The cheetah mitigates the loss by hunting in the middle of the day
When the usual aggressors like the lion and leopards
Are either idle or asleep

Master in coolness
The cheetah does not roar like the lion
It does not possess the leopard’s climbing skills
It is renowned for non-aggressive disposition
It is the easiest cat to domesticate
It is found in Uganda’s Kidepo National Park
It is regarded as potentially to seriously endangered

Master in domestication
In ancient times the cheetah symbolised the protection of the realm
And was revered as a symbol of royalty
The Mughal Empire’s Akbar the Great kept hundreds as pet
In the 1930’s the Ethiopia’s Haile Sellassie had photographs taken with a cheetah
In present day Iraq the morning coffee drinkers in Samarra town
Stop at the Bazaar accompanied by their cheetah pets
Their elegance and gracefulness radiant and abound
Even outside their natural habitat

Master of joy and happiness
As the heart of Iraq cries and prays for peace
North of Bagdad is Samarra town
Called “Surramen Raa” in arabic
Meaning “delighted to see”
This is the place where domesticated cheetah
Brings joy and happiness to many who continue
To live in peace for just one day at a time
As the country struggle for hope and peace

Master Sprinter
The 100 metres sprint world record holder
Is called Sarah
The cheetah and wildlife ambassador
In residence at the Cincinnati Zoo in the USA
She out-sprinted Usain Bolt in 2012
When she posted a time of 5.95 seconds for 100 metres
To beat hands down Usain Bolts world record time of 9.58 seconds
The contest and competition was concluded
With the Sarah and Bolt photo shoot of the year
That captivates the harmony between man and the cheetah
And exemplifies peaceful co-existence between man and wildlife
Deserving of our unreserved and whole hearted support