The allure and appeal of the leopard
Attracts colourful description
Powerful, graceful and beautiful
Elusive, solitary and largely nocturnal
Master of stealth and survival
Cunning, shrewd and ferocious
All colourful and appropriate description

Master in appearance
In appearance the leopard and jaguar are very similar
The rosettes in their fur coat are similar
But the leopard’s smaller and less dense rosette is dissimilar
To jaguar’s that have central spots so familiar
Melanistic leopard and jaguar called black panthers are similar

Master in pelage
The pelage of the leopard or cheetah is not plain
Solid spots is cheetah’s embellishment in the main
The rosette is leopard’s domain
Replaced by spots that the chest, legs and face contain
All are proverbially called “spots”
And they are unchangeable in every domain
In short the rosette or not, the saying
The leopard does not change its spots stands

Master in concealment
Predator or predated
Perfect concealment is the tramp for any animal
The leopard’s camouflage and concealment
Emanate from its remarkable adaptation to environment
The leopard’s pelage is environmentally determined
The coat is paler and creamer in the desert habitat
And more grey in colder climates
The darker colour camouflages excellently in forest biome
The nature of the biome fundamentally impacts
The colour of the leopard’s fur

Master in appetite
The leopard is the most economic, opportunistic and shrewdest cat
With diverse selection of food – insects, reptiles and amphibians
That includes birds, fish and various size mammals
Further she outwits scavengers and other competitors
With her capacity to carry and stash killed prey away up a tree
When there is no fresh meat carrion and rotting meat is sweet meat

Master stalker
The leopard is solitary and secretive
Constantly on the move within territory
Hunts by sight and hearing then single-mindedly
Crouches low and to stalk noiselessly
Arboreal in living up a tree to launch a perfect aerial ambush
Then descends characteristically and spectacularly head first
As if to maintain continuous visual contact with the prey
She is nocturnal as well as crepuscular
In liking darkness and twilight
Ideal conditions for surprise attacks

Master killer
The leopard’s beautiful embellishment is no surety for the prey
Skin deep is the killer instinct
Manifest in the stalk, ambush, and chase technique
Then pounce and strike ferociously to finally strangulate
Before the muscular grab and haulage of the carcass up the tree
The kill rate of the stalk and pounce base technique is about 40%

Master of survival
Adoptable to diverse range of environments
It consumes a wide range of food
It has flexible taste and diet including carrion
It has excellent camouflage compatible with environment

Master of trickery
It is stealth, elusive and solitary in behaviour
It is constantly moving within territory
It has ability to run fast up to 50 MPH
Be-all end- all rolled into one

Master deserving our support
Considered a pest by farmers
The fur is soft and exquisite
Favoured for ceremonial robes and fashion
These survival threats are mitigated
By the Leopard’s own survival instinct
That is greatest of all animals
And exemplifies nature’s own conservation mechanism
That deserves to be supported vigorously