mathew-powerThe chronicle is an historical account of what the renowned adventure orientated journalist did, said and whom he met during his overnight stay at Heritage Safari Lodge, Murchison Falls National Park. Pakwach, Uganda, on Friday 7th March, 2014. On 10th March, 2014, three days afterwards, he died, suddenly, from suspected heat stroke in the area of Amorapi Village in Ajai Game Reserve, in Pawo County, in northern Uganda’s Arua District. He was on assignment for the Men’s Journal of New York, USA, researching and writing on Capt Levison Wood’s Walking, the Length of the Nile Expedition.

The history of the area is blended into the tribute to enable the reader to grasp the background and context of the exploration of the Nile River in relation to the Albert Nile, the section of the Nile that had immediate relevance to what the late journalist was covering when he died.

The chronicle ends with our heads bowed and in prayers for Matthew Power, and his family.  Matthew Power – The Water of The Nile River is our Prayer. Our Poem and Our Word

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