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In this truly wonderful setting enjoy the spectacular scenery and an exciting game from the comfort and safety of a stylish, robust, cross country game vehicle which enhances your enjoyment of the Murchison Falls National Park

Heritage Safari Lodge & Murchison Falls National Park, your journey’s end is a place of natural beauty rather like the breath taking Grand Canyon in the USA but with a plethora of flora and fauna “if there is magic on this planet, it is in moving water;” You will find the “moving magic” at the renowned Murchison Falls, the Acoli tribe call “Wang Jok” – the place, eye or manifestation of God named by Sir Samuel Baker in a863.

Our cottages offer unique opportunity to view elephants at the Hot Spring and resident weaver birds, butterflies and Lizards, all from the comfort of your traditional grass thatched hut.

From your holiday base, you can enrich your holiday experience and choose to fan out for: game drive at the park, just 5 minutes drive away; visit the Murchison Falls by boat or road; river tour or private cruise, or you could go easy with riverside recreation, nature walk, traditional boat ride, bird watching, Fishing etc.