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The Acholi people have a culture full of rich traditions and activities – one of them being their signature Larakaraka dance that is enjoyed nation-wide.

Culturally, dancing has been an important part of the Acholi culture where entire communities incorporate dance as part of their rituals and celebrations. Besides the actual dancing, the clothing and other adornments such as anklet bells and beaded necklaces, plus musical instruments become an important part of the dance.

Traditional Acholi dances include:

Larakaraka – a courtship dance with an inner circle of women and outer circle of men with the use of calabashes (large hollowed out gourds) and drums

Dingi Dingi – a more free form creative dance performed after the harvest. It’s usually performed by younger girls dancing in a line.

Bwola – the most important ceremonial dance which is performed before the chief (or in more modern times–an important guest of honor) to honor him and his guests. The dance is named after the small bwola drums (bul) that are played by the men.

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